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Salisbury Community Nutcracker

Sponsored by Triple Threat Dance & Charm and Rowan Arts Council 

 About the Salisbury Community Nutcracker

Performing annually our hope is for the community Nutcracker to evolve into a treasured holiday tradition in the home of the Arts, Salisbury NC.  Triple Threat  Dance & Charm partnered with Salisbury High School Dance will bring together students from elementary, middle feeder schools along with Salisbury high school dance students to produce an artistic masterpiece that embodies the act of giving during the holidays, while bringing the community together in a whimsical, imaginative Christmas celebration of elegant dance and storytelling. 

   Bringing various students together to produce the Nutcracker Ballet is only a part of Community Nutcracker's focus. All interested students will have the opportunity to participate in dance and learn about the performance arts.  The humanitarian focus of the Community Nutcracker simply put, is to spread Christmas cheer to our community, including those who may not have the opportunity to enjoy a full length ballet. 

For our Community Service Night performance free tickets will be issued to sponsors, Salisbury agencies, organizations, non profits to attend a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet.  Proceeds from the production will be donated to the Salisbury High School Dance Department for the continuation of the Rowan Salisbury Community Nutcracker. 

  Become part of the magic and support the arts and local talent of Salisbury NC, who express their love for performance by sharing it with others. By attending the performance, you’ll discover that the power of the Nutcracker isn’t just a fairytale of love, loyalty and courage.  The dedication and hard work of the students will shine  brightly on stage, bonding the community during the holidays to give to those that need holiday cheer the most.




The Community Nutcracker is committed to supporting and maintaining the highest quality of artistic vision.  Triple Threat Dance & Charm will be using local community talent and providing a beautiful holiday tradition for the city of Salisbury.

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